Writer Not a Fighter

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Kevin Mahoney, author…

Having spent my working life in a stressy profession I looked forward to my retirement which began in August 2013 to spend more time on my favourite pastimes: writing, birdwatching and sport!

However, a year into my pension and I found that I missed certain aspects of working. The hustle and bustle of commuting, the collegial atmosphere at work and the general feeling of doing something constructive had gone out of my life. But not for ever. I now work for a friend in Munich who runs a very good African restaurant – Restaurant Makula in Dreim├╝hlenstr. 14.

He is a great cook, from Togo, and has that typical African smile and personality to bewitch his customers by much more than just service with a smile. However, with little start-up capital and no permanent employees, he needed some help in the office and I gladly give it to him.

And when I find the time I still like to write, so keep your eyes peeled…