The Afroverse

Ever been to Africa?

Wow, you either love it or hate it! Whatever, it hits you like a mighty tornado and you can’t tear your thoughts away from it. Usually this is a positive experience. Usually, like me, you end up loving the continent, even if there are certain elements that turn you cold such as corruption, warfare, unnecessary sicknesses and suffering.

This book contains a collection of poems and short stories that, by and large, relate the author’s feelings about Africa, but there is some content that, geographically, resides outside of Africa. Yet that is no problem because Africa is all around us, everyday: in the news and in our hearts and minds if we have ever been there or even just dreamt of going there. That too is the Afroverse, a subset of the Universe, that resides in our subconscious and eats away at our desires until we can get back to that wonderful continent and experience it all over again. Experience it in this book too!


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