The little 5 year old girl, Honeybell, meets a real elephant in her local playground. Elli the elephant and Honeybell become good friends.

But Elli is somewhat sad. When Honeybell asks her why Elli replies that she has lost her way back home. Honeybell takes Elli’s trunk in her hand and promises to help her find her way home. Together they travel all over the world, and even beyond, until, finally, the two friends find Elli’s family at home in the savannah of eastern Africa.

This book was originally written for my first born grand daughter and contains images for which I have no copyright, even though I have reworked those images considerably I do not want to publish with them. Instead I am waiting for an illustrator to rework them for me, as originals. As soon as the images are available I will publish and show a preview on this page.